Self-management checklist for high cholesterol

cholesterol self-management

If you have high cholesterol, there is nothing better than setting health goals for yourself and taking charge of your own health. Your doctor will help you with getting the right medications and suggesting lifestyle changes but it is up to you to self-manage your health. Try out our self-management check list and see how your cholesterol numbers improve. Always keep a printed copy of the checklist to remind yourself even when traveling.

Self-management check list

  1. Step up the physical activity.

    Get up to 10000 steps per day and workout for 30 minutes at least 4-5 times per week.


  1. Quit smoking.

    Remember all that damage to your heart’s blood vessels and arteries!


  1. Go easy on the alcohol.

    Remind yourself not to take more than one drink a day.


  1. Lose weight.

    Get those excess pounds off your waistline! Shed the flab and get your body into shape.


  1. All-important diet.

    Cut the saturated fat and trans fat. Limit the use of red meat and moderate the eggs on the plate. Go for whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Plan a low-salt diet and stick to your plans.


  1. Treatment regimen.

    Always check with the doctor before you change your medicine.

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