Weight loss myths

We all want to lose weight and stay fit. The weight loss industry is beset by a range of myths including food fads, exercise fads and other myths which are untrue and at worst harmful. If you feel doubtful talk to a qualified dietitian or a physical instructor. Get a grip on some of the top weight loss myths we describe.

Top 10 weight loss myths

  1. Skipping meals.

    Skipping meals is a myth which is at best left alone. Not only it is harmful as it can cause sudden low sugar, it definitely does not help you lose weight. You may end up feeling tired and depressed and in danger of binging on high sugar, high-calorie foods. So say NO to skipping meals.

  2. No snacks.

    This is one of the biggest myths of our times that snacking in between meals add to weight gain. Remember that most people need to eat a small snack to keep up their energy levels. It is the type of snack that matters. Go for small portions of healthy snacks like 2 crackers between meals. Choose a fruit or a veggie. Keep up your energy with a healthy snack.

  3. Low-fat foods are great.

    We see a range of packaged food items labeled “low-fat.” While the fat used may not add up to as much calories as full-fat, it is still fatty nevertheless. In fact, some low-fat foods contain harmful fats like hydrogenated vegetable oil and may even be high in sodium. Stop to check labels before you fall for this myth.

  4. Water aids weight loss.

    We have all heard this time and again. Nothing like water to speed up weight loss! Be careful this is a dangerous myth. Water is essential to stay well hydrated but drinking excess can lead to fluid retention and burden the kidneys. Get 6-8 glasses of water per day but not more than that.

  5. Carbohydrates are bad.

    This is another myth we are stuck with. All carbs are certainly not bad and our bodies need some amount of carbohydrate to convert to energy. Whole grain and whole meal carbs are the best, for example, whole wheat bread or red/brown rice.

There are certain medical conditions which actually lead to slowing down of metabolism. Get yourself checked to rule out such conditions. These conditions could be rare diseases like Cushing’s Syndrome or something commonplace like hypothyroidism.

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