5 foods to add in weight loss diet

A good diet is a great support in losing weight. What you eat and how much you eat plays a significant role in your weight loss diet. Do not fall for the myth of low-fat foods available in the markets but choose your meals carefully and add fruits, vegetables, carbs and proteins that actually help you maintain weight. Check out our top 5 foods you can add to your weight loss diet.

Top 5 foods to add in your weight loss diet:

  1. Good carbs

    Say no to all white carbs. Stay off maida and even go easy on white rice. Go for whole wheat and whole meals. Add brown/red rice to your daily diet. Pick out whole wheat breads. Look for multigrain crackers and other foods rich in whole grains.

  2. Lean proteins

    If you want to lose weight, stay away from red meats which not only add to your cholesterol levels but also add to your weight. Go for lean proteins like white chicken, fish and seafood.

  3. Add a dash of colorful veggies

    Fresh vegetables like broccoli, colored peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce add to your feeling full and also give you essential nutrients. These veggies are safe and contain little or no fat.

  4. Change your cooking oil

    Go for lighter oils like bran extracts, sunflower or safflower or olive oil. These oils are light and add less cholesterol and fat to your body.

  5. A handful of nuts

    TNuts not only give you good protein but act as a great between-meals snack. Enjoy a handful of almonds and walnuts to keep you feeling energetic. These nuts do not add to your weight and give you important nutrients.

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