5 Cholesterol lowering foods

cholesterol lowering foods
While there are many super foods which have a great effect on lowering bad cholesterol, it is necessary to choose locally available foods. What we eat has a direct effect on health parameters like blood glucose and cholesterol. If you have been eating foods leading to high bad cholesterol levels, it is never too late to go for foods that reverse this. Get those trans fats out of your life for good! Add to your plate foods that lower bad LDL cholesterol and do away with foods that actually increase LDL cholesterol. Choose a diet low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Adding polyunsaturated fats to your diet directly lowers LDL. Vegetable oils like sunflower, safflower and canola instead of butter and margarine are useful in lowering LDL.

Use our 5 top foods to get ahead of cholesterol and stay fit!

Oats and whole grains.

Say no to all those refined foods and choose whole grains. Your heart will thank you for it. Oats and whole grains are super cholesterol fighters. Begin your morning with a nice, hot bowl of oatmeal with milk and fruits. Or go for oat-based breakfast cereals. Try out recipes with whole grains like barley (barley soup), millets and whole wheat. Try out simple rice dishes with red or brown rice. Explore different grains in different dishes.

Go nutty.

And we mean it! Add a nice handful of nuts to your daily diet. A mix of almonds, peanuts and walnuts are a great, tasty way to get that bad cholesterol packing. Research has indicated that 2 ounces of nuts per day can significantly lower LDL by around 5%. Your heart also loves nuts and benefits from its goodness.


Beans are a good source of fiber and protein. Beans keep you full for longer and enable weight loss too. Try a range of locally available beans like channa (chole), kidney beans (rajma), black-eyed peas and others. Indian foods have delightful recipes for cooking beans. Try out your own style. Make a pulao with channa or rajma. Make a thick soup out of rajma with herbs and spices.

Eggplant, okra, apples, grapes and citrus fruits.

All these are rich in pectin which can help lower LDL cholesterol. These food are also fiber rich and help with weight loss. Try out a delicious baingan bartha or bhendi curry. Grab some apples and grapes during the day to keep your hunger down. Go for a fresh orange or sweet lime.

Soy is also a proven food to lower bad LDL cholesterol. Try fresh soybeans or even soymilk and tofu. These are available in most food stores. Add these to your diet at least twice a week. Say a bowl of soup with boiled tofu or a boiled soybean chaat.

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